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Wheel Floats

Removing The Kinks:  Wheel Floats were developed out of need to reduce injuries & damage, and to provide easy & practical mobility for important operations. Wheel Floats patent pending designs provide the following benefits:

  • Easy Maneuverability: Resolves caster bind and makes turns easy & compliant.
  • Low Mobile Resistance: Less than half  the normal driving force required.
  • Effective Suspension: Reduces shock & distributes weight while keeping load steady.
  • Stable / Low Center of Gravity: Gentle, secure, & cradle-like transport of high priority loads.
  • High Heat Tolerant: 500 degree continuous use capable.
  • Tilted Load Capable: Easy & compliant turns even with load tilted or on sloped floors & ramps.
  • Readily Adaptable: Can effectively and easily adapt to difficult applications.
  • Easy Install & Removal: Quickly and safely performed by one person.
  • Cost Effective: Multiplies effectiveness of costly equipment, facilities, and manpower.
  • Easy Repairs: Accidental impacts, run-overs, abuse, etc; are easily repaired.
  • Harsh Environment Resistant: Tolerant of wet, gritty, or outdoor conditions.

                                                                                                                   Patent Pending

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